Phantom Wallet – Best Solana Network Crypto Wallet

An information para dise for the Phantom Wallet specifics

We are all aware of the crypto variety that exists online today, but is everyone aware of the fact that there are several blockchain networks too? According to our knowledge, there are still people who do not know it and we’d like to introduce them to the Solana blockchain that has recently acquired significance.

Well, not the blockchain per se, but the exclusive crypto wallet that functions on the network – the Phantom Wallet. When you move down the data below, you’ll know every possible detail about the wallet service that may add to your wallet experience and affect your overall crypto journey on a positive note.

Acquiring the extension: The Solana Phantom Wallet

When we talk about the Solana wallet, or as the world knows it, the Phantom Wallet, you need to understand that there is more than just one browser that is compatible with the wallet extension. As per our knowledge, there are four browser varieties that have managed to qualify for its use – Phantom Wallet Chrome extension, Phantom Wallet extension for Microsoft Edge, Phantom Wallet Firefox, and Phantom Brave Extension. Follow through with the enlisted to get it installed:

  1. Open any one of the mentioned browsers above.
  2. Navigate to the official Phantom website online.
  3. Go on with the “Download” key link, just as you see it.
  4. The next choice for you is the “Add to Browser” link.
  5. Wrap up the process by keeping up with the rest of the prompts.

Walking you through the Phantom Wallet login steps

This exclusive wallet service is just like any other crypto wallet – it can easily be accessed on a browser toolbar, it is a non-custodial wallet, offers passive earning opportunities, and so much more. But we are sure that you did your homework before you downloaded the extension. Thus, go through the enlisted and register for an account:

  1. Launch the installed Phantom Extension.
  2. Go on with the option that says “Create New Wallet”.
  3. Store and retain the Secret Recovery Mnemonic.
  4. Create a phantom account password and a Keyboard shortcut.
  5. Once all the steps are done, move on to use Phantom.

What do we have on the exclusive Phantom network crypto?

Well, the Phantom wallet houses and offers the SOL token, also known as the Solana token. It is recognized as the native token of the entire Solana blockchain ecosystem. That refers to a simple fact – the tokens get passed through nodes within the Solana network in exchange for operating other network programs or just backing up the output. Additionally, the SOL tokens are designed exclusively for micropayments which are regarded as lampposts and the supply of the tokens at present, throughout the world is up to 26 million.

Let us help you with the Phantom Wallet staking.

As you know now, the Phantom wallet offers an in-house crypto – the Solana token or SOL, we thought you’d like to know about the interests and rewards that come along with making SOL transactions. Therefore, here in this read, we’ll be telling you about the staking features that the wallet service offers:

  1. Launch the installed wallet plugin.
  2. Use set up credentials to sign in.
  3. Head into the Solana balance in your account.
  4. Move to place a tap on the “Start earning SOL” link.
  5. Settle on the staking amount and a validator.
  6. Confirm your choices and hit on “Stake”.

Note: One of the most appreciated earnings that come from Solana staking is 5.1% APY with the exclusive Solana Compass.

What are the rumors about the Phantom Wallet app download?

We live in a world where time flies and every single action is judged by it. Even when we are talking about cryptocurrency tasks, the faster it is the better. Similarly, we all know that mobile applications make things happen quicker and maybe easier, therefore, there is an ongoing search for a Phantom wallet mobile application throughout the world.

We hate to break it to you that there is still no mobile app for the wallet service and so, every search result that tells you otherwise, is not true. Although the brand may soon launch an application and this is coming from the fact that the Phantom Twitter page offers a beta version of an Android-compatible application, which you can get whenever you want.


So, we’ve finally, completed the exclusive read that tells you all about the special Solana-based Phantom Wallet. We have procured extensive data that is laid out in the above-mentioned read to elevate your overall crypto experience when you are on the Solana network.

You learned about downloading the wallet extension, signing up and signing in, the in-house crypto token, and so much more. We assure you, that this read has everything you’d require to use and benefit from Phantom along with experiencing its primary function of keeping your crypto safe.